activities in the Broumov area.


Saturday 5. 2. 15:00
Agáta Theater, Prague.
A fairy tale about a princess based on her nobility,
it is full of humor and melodic and funny songs
Zdeněk Knight. At first glance, this seems ordinary
kingdom. But the opposite is true! There is something in this kingdom
in disorder. Princess Karolínka is spoiled, counselor
he is cunning and treacherous, and the queen is afflicted by hypochondria.
But that's not the strangest thing. Everyone is crying because
the princess considers this a sign of nobility and nobility.
And so the nanny's son, gardener Kryštof, has no choice
to the hand and corrected the princess's head.
Broumov Municipal Theater. Organized by: City of Broumov
Admission: 60 CZK

Saturday 5. 2. 14:00 – 16:30
Saturday's studio will take us through the artist's work and exhibition
Lenka Černoty. Her paintings and art technique will be ours
inspiration in creating your own work. Every image that is created
on Saturday afternoon, it will be our diary and photo album,
and it will quietly bear the thoughts we carry within us and want
is transferred elsewhere. Program length: 2.5 hours
Reservations:, 603 271 426
Children's Gallery Lapidary / Broumov Monastery
Organizer: Maiwald Academy, Educational and Cultural
centrum Broumov, o.p.s.
Admission: 60 CZK / person

Saturday 5., 12., 19. and 26. 2. 10:00
Meeting at 10:00 in the courtyard by the Broumov fountain
Interactive tours of the medieval monastery typewriter
for the public associated with a tour of the monastery library. Come on
to learn with us something about the history of the monastery library, books
and the work of scribes. Try a copy of the text with a quill pen with us
in a replica of a medieval scriptorium.
Suitable for families with children. Number of places limited.
Reservations required:, 734 443 165
Maiwald Academy / Broumov Monastery
Organizer: Maiwald Academy, Educational and Cultural
centrum Broumov, o.p.s.
Admission: 120 CZK / adult; CZK 100 / child

Tuesday 8. 2. 17:30
Documentary film screening.
The time-lapse documentary The Search for a Painful Christ deals with
about the unknown painting of the Rudolfinian painter Hans von
Aachen, who was found in the Břevnov monastery by a historian
art by Štěpán Vácha. Research in progress
2018-2020 and the individual phases of image restoration are
captured with ease and wit, with an impressive camera.
A documentary about the fact that there is still something to discover.
The event takes place as part of a historian's residency
Štěpán Vácha and director Amálie Kovářová in Literární
a house in the Broumov monastery.
Drawing Room / Broumov Monastery
Organizer: Educational and Cultural Center Broumov, o.p.s.
Free admission


Wednesday 9. 2. 18:00
Comedy / Romance / Czechia, 2021, 102 min
Tomas (Igor Orozovic) with Tereza (Veronika Khek Kubarova)
they experienced love like a textbook. They met in high school,
after high school they stayed together in Prague, meteorologist Tomáš won
great job TV weather presenter, and Teresa
is (so far unsuccessfully) trying to start sales and production by hand
sewn shoes. When did it stop? On Christmas Eve when Teresa
she caught a half-naked Tomas in a supposedly delicate
situation with a popular TV presenter (Emma Smetana).
Tomáš could have a precarious moment quite rationally
explain if given the opportunity. "Reconciliator"
he is prevented from an unplanned stay at the police station, and when
he finally gets home, stumbles upon an empty apartment and is challenged,
to pack up and move out. Tomas doesn't want to give up without a fight,
he would like to soften Teresa with some great romance
gesture, but somehow he got out of practice. Fortunately, he has
friend of Karel (Matouš Ruml), a film fanatic who
has a simple solution - why not get inspired by scenes
from famous romantic movies? Romantic comedy
full of embarrassment and mistakes, which clearly demonstrates the struggle for love
It can sometimes be an incredible shift, especially when you have a life
he slaps one after another.
Conference hall IC Broumovska. Organized by: City of Broumov
Admission: 80 CZK

Saturday 12. a 26. 2. 10:00
Extraordinary tours of normally inaccessible areas
Broumov Monastery - we will show you not only historical
part of the monastery (including the library, church and refectory), but also
cellars, newly renovated abbey halls, accommodation
in monk cells or beautiful land.
Reservations:, 733 739 726
Admission: 190 CZK / adult, 120 CZK / child

Wednesday 16. 2. 19:00
Dragon's Brew is an intergenerational base set
at the Dragon Theater in Hradec Králové, founded by father and son
Jiří and Jiří Vyšohlíd in 2014. They surrounded themselves with great ones
musicians from the area and decided to play the genre in this region
and unusual times - jazz-fusion. At first, they go back in time
70s and electric jazz rock, recently exclusively
author's compositions are increasingly moving towards modern fusion
with ambient elements, in the current era he joined the band
synthesizer and there was more electrification of the sound.
Ticket sales: Advance sale online or at the box office
sightseeing tour.
Reservations:, 734 443 161
Drawing Room / Broumov Monastery
Organizer: ArtCafé, Educational and Cultural Center
Broumov o.p.s.
Admission: 190CZK / 150CZK (for members of the ArtCafé club)

Thursday 17. 2. 18:00 – 21:00
On Thursday, February 17, we will open the unique Benedictine premises
cellars. After a long pause, a wine tasting will be ready
from our assortment.
No pre-registration required.
Please note that payment can only be made in cash.
More information:
or 724 899 002
Benedictine Cellars / Broumov Monastery

Wednesday 23. 2. 19:00
Andrea Šulcová is a multi-genre singer, flutist,
singer and teacher living in Germany. She grew up
surrounded by folk and bluegrass music, she studied
jazz flute in Prague and Graz, Austria, and she likes
listens to American singers. Unusually combines
simple forms and clear stories in jazz lyrics
openness and ease.
She invited Czech jazz players to her author's project
Ticket sales: Advance sale online or at the box office
sightseeing tour.
Reservations:, 734 443 161
Drawing Room / Broumov Monastery
Organizer: ArtCafé, Educational and Cultural Center
Broumov o.p.s.
Admission: 190CZK; CZK 150 (for members of the ArtCafé club)

Saturday 26. 2. 15:00
Animated / Comedy / Family / USA, 2021, 108 min
When at the end Mimi's brothers Tim and Ted
they finally became friends, it seemed to last them forever.
Both adults are in the sequel with the subtitle Family Business
and totally alienated. While Ted is immersed in business
and makes money, Tim is a contented father of two,
gifted teenage girl Tabitha and cute toddler Tiny.
Tabitha, who goes to school for gifted children, is her biggest
Uncle Ted's pattern, which annoys her father a little because
he really doesn't get along with his brother at all. But he has no idea what
An unexpected joint bonding adventure awaits them.
Tina, who is actually a secret, is to blame for everything
agent of Baby Corp. and has the task of detecting
a big conspiracy associated with her sister's school and her strange
director ... And even though Tina is very handy, she knows that without
help is not possible. He has Dad, Uncle and Sci-Fi at his fingertips
a tweak that can temporarily make an adult small
child. And so the guys turn into boys and go into action,
in which they find their way to each other again and besides, just like that
by the way, it will save the world the way we love it.
Conference hall IC Broumovska
Organized by: City of Broumov. Admission: 80 CZK

27. 1. – 26. 3.
On request for primary and kindergarten, program length: 1.5 hours
Have you ever wondered how animals see colors and if
do they perceive and feel images? We will answer these questions
look for while talking, painting and creating together
in an exhibition by the artist Lenka Černota in the Children's Gallery
Lapidary. We invite you to a journey full of natural colors
sounds and smells. Children's paintings from the program will be donated
dog shelter in Broumov.
Reservations required:, 603 271 426
Children's Gallery Lapidary / Broumov Monastery
Organizer: Maiwald Academy, Educational and Cultural
centrum Broumov, o.p.s.
Admission: 10 CZK / pupil

24. 3. 18:00
Advance ticket sales at IC Broumovska now!
KD Shooting Range. Organized by: City of Broumov
Admission: 300 CZK